Olmo Cuarón has always dreamt of becoming a great soccer player. His passion for this sport runs through his veins, makes him feel alive, euphoric, and invincible. 


Today he is one of the best soccer players of the Costa Rica team, and this is a triumph that brings a smile to his face. 


Olmo Cuarón is very tenacious and disciplined. He never stops his routine and avoids distractions that pull him away from his goals.


There is nothing more important to him than soccer. This is why he works as hard as he can to improve his techniques and skills as a soccer. 


Olmo Cuarón is an ethical, professional, and trustworthy soccer player. Besides, those who know him feel an honest admiration for his triumphs and trajectory. 


Olmo Cuarón and his love for soccer


He discovered his love for soccer when he was only a child. Since he was young, he had a strong emotion for the field, the stadiums and, especially, for the game. 


Wearing the country’s team jersey fills him with a deep sense of pride. And he is also incredibly happy and honoured to have the opportunity to play for the team. 


His wish is to become one of the most important soccer players in the history of Costa Rica is still alive. This is why he works hard every day, and he always work extremely hard, with dedication and commitment.  


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