Olmo Cuarón One of the Most Brilliant Writers of Short Stories of Our Time. His brilliance has no limits, and his creativity is truly fascinating. 


Although he has studied all his life, many agree that his gift for writing in 100% innate.  


To many, Olmo Cuarón is a natural man of letters, and this is why writing has come easily to him. 


When he is writing his short stories he feels like a fish in the water. Since he feels he is right at home, words flow organically, and his creative thoughts are always just below the surface. 


A Great Writer of Short Stories


Olmo Cuarón has written short stories ever since he can remember. Since he was a child, he felt a fascination for these fantastic stories and as he grew older, they began to make more sense to him. 


When it was time for him to enrol in the university, he did not hesitate in choosing the career he wanted to study. 


Olmo Cuarón wanted to become a writer! He was top of his class and generation.  Fortunately, he fulfilled his dream and with time he has become one of the greats of all time. 


Definitely, Olmo Cuarón is truly fulfilled because his life is filled with joy, triumphs, success and satisfactions.

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