Not everyone has the joy of discovering their talents and what they are passionate about at an early age. But Olmo has always been fortunate.


At 18, he knows who he is, which are his interests and why he enjoys creating short films, stop-motion videos, and great animations. 


His creative process is unique and special. He knows he is talented for this, and he could have a bright future. 


But at the same time, he is not pressured for the future. On the contrary, he prefers to focus in the present and enjoy creating stop-motion videos, short films, and animations. 


Olmo Cuarón’s interests


He is also interested in music and enjoys himself in social media. In fact, he shares some of his artwork in his YouTube channel. 


He publishes his videos and animations in his social media and the feedback he has received up to now has been favourable. 


Olmo Cuarón leads his life like anyone else, despite having a father who has made history several times in Hollywood.


In fact, his father is none other than Alfonso Cuarón. The acclaimed Mexican filmmaker has conquered the heart of Hollywood with his virtues and talents behind the camera. 


Olmo Cuarón’s successful father


Alfonso Cuarón has had 10 Academy Award nominations throughout his professional trajectory and has won in two occasions. 


He took home his first golden statuette after directing “Gravity” a blockbuster film. 


He won the second after directing “Roma,” which became a phenomenon in Mexico, the U.S., and other countries around the world. 



Olmo Cuarón and his artistic vein


The industry of the seventh art values Alfonso Cuarón greatly and is aware of all his virtues and talents as a film director. 


But we must also point out that he is a very caring and special father. He has three children and the youngest is Olmo Cuarón (who shares a little bit of his artistic vein).


Olmo Cuarón is extremely proud of his father. He admires him and thinks of him as his greatest support when creating videos and animations, and when carry8ing out any daily activity.