Olmo Cuarón is a young man with impressive creativity. Without a doubt, his artistic vein helps him create animations and stop-motion videos with superior quality. 


The people who have been able to see his animations have noticed his talent and creative skills.  


Fortunately, he’s not afraid of criticism, opinions and comments from others. He truly prefers to focus on his animation and art. 


This is why he regularly and naturally shares his animations and videos in his social media and in his YouTube channel.  


Olmo Cuarón’s Animations


Olmo Cuarón truly enjoys creating animations, but he also likes to share with his friends and family. 


As a matter of fact, Olmo family is quite unique. He has two siblings and a father who is well-known in the whole world as a great film maker. 


We refer to Alfonso Cuarón, one of the most famous film directors of Latin America and the world. 


Throughout his professional career, he has been nominated 10 times to the Oscar and won in two occasions. 


“Gravity” and “Roma” were the films with which he took home two Oscars for “Best Director”.  


It is undeniable that Olmo Cuarón’s father is one of the most successful and talented directors of Hollywood 

A Great Family


At the same time, it is important to point out that Alfonso Cuarón is an exemplary father, and this is very valuable to Olmo Cuarón


Olmo Cuarón and his siblings are extremely happy and grateful for their father’s support and love. 


Also, Olmo Cuarón shares the artistic and creative vein with Alfonso Cuarón which has united them more through the years.   

Currently, Olmo Cuarón has a normal lifestyle. He enjoys spending time with his family and also taps into his passion for animation.