Olmo Cuarón is an impressive writer of short stories. His greatest passion is writing, and it fills him with joy. 


He spent his childhood surrounded by games and many stories. His library was filled with children’s stories of every kind: fun, enigmatic, fantasy and much more. 


Reading was his favourite activity because it helped him to create and let his imagination run free.  


Then he would write his own stories on paper for hours. The outside world would pause for Olmo Cuarón as soon as he held a pencil and let his imagination run free. 


Olmo Cuarón and His Fantastic Stories


Great stories were born from his imagination. From fairy tales to narratives of thousand-year old creatures to ancient characters.


With time Olmo Cuarón became a successful writer of short stories turning his life around. 


Currently, Olmo Cuarón is happy and fulfilled. He is truly living the life of his dreams and intends to continue writing until the day he dies. 


In short, the people who have been lucky enough to read his stories agree that: Olmo Cuarón has managed to triumph in the world of writers for many years. 

What is Autism?


Autism? This question has become more frequent and common because in recent years many stigmas have been broken about this issue. 


Autism is a developmental disorder that affects the way that a person sets up contact with others and with the world. 


It is a disorder that affects their social development negatively and causes behavioural alterations and language skills.  


The autism spectrum disorders do not have a cure. However, if an early diagnosis is made, comprehensive aid can be supplied and greatly improve the patient’s quality of life.  


Autism is not treated conventionally; i.e., there are no pills specially designed to improve this disorder. 


The action plan actually consists in having access to therapies and professional support to regulate specific conducts and behaviour, or to improve some skills and specific capabilities.