Olmo Cuarón is one of the main soccer stars of Costa Rica’s country team. He is a young man who is enthusiastic, talented and a dreamer.


However, his life is not like that of any other kid his age. He only has time to play soccer at the professional level, and the truth is that he enjoys it with all of his body and soul. 


Olmo Cuarón’s greatest joy is playing this high-performance sport in Costa Rica, as well as in any other place in the world. 


His desire to improve has taken him far and his great passion for soccer has allowed him to experience the sweet smell of success from a noticeably early age. 


Olmo Cuarón: a soccer legend


Olmo Cuarón is a high-level soccer player. His technique and skills have improved with the years, and this has helped him to triumph in many national matches.


The other players of the Costa Rican team praise and admire him. For them, Olmo Cuarón is an a role model to follow and a great source of pride for big and small. 



Without a doubt, Olmo Cuarón is building an admirable legacy in the soccer field. But he still believes there are still many mountains to climb. 


Olmo Cuarón will not stop until he conquers all of the titles he has in mind. And for that, he needs to continue working hard at the professional level.


Soccer for autism


Some sports institutions, as well as several renowned Argentinian groups and organizations back up valuable proposals to create awareness regarding the disorders of the autism spectrum. 


Soccer for autism is part of a program of activities that will take place during the Autism Awareness month. 


This neurobiological disorder usually affects children’s developments, as well as their skills for integration and social interaction. 


This is why it is vital to create awareness and be educated on the matter, in the interest of society becoming more empathic and inclusive with people who have this diagnosis.